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TUP Events welcomes you to Stockholm Summer Randori from Monday to Wednesday June 12th-14th 2017

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You are invited to a top class training camp with Judokas from all the Nordic countries. This camp is mandatory for the Swedish National Team.

A perfect opportunity for a mini-holiday for the whole family in beautiful Stockholm. Why not visit the World famous Wasa Museum and take a boat trip in the sundrenched Stockholm Archipelago, with its 25,000 islands.

The camp will take place in central Stockholm with two randori sessions per day. There will allso be two technical training sessions with Marcus Nyman during three days. We have organized the possibility for you to overnight in an adjacent sportshall. Lunch is included in the fee for the camp.

When: 12-14 June, 2017
Where: Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm
Who: U13, U15, U18, U21 & Senior

Package:- 3-day Randori Camp
- Lunch
- Technique workshop with double Olympian Marcus Nyman
- Fee: €85 per person
- Overnight accommodation possible in Sportshall for €30 per person
- Payment must be made upon registration: Account number is 5266-10 254 99 and IBAN: SE7950000000052661025499 / BIC: ESSESESS

Contact the arranging team:
Patrik Wennerland – Communication +46 767 78 20 20
Ulf Lindblom – Details of the camp +46 738 74 99 58
Tomas Elding – Entries/Invoices + 46 707 33 36 32

Entries not later than Wednesday May 10th 2017 -- Latest entry date has been changed. It is now on Friday 2nd of June 2017

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