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Entry to Swedish Open for Juniors and Cadets
22nd September 2018.
Entries not later than Saturday 8th September 2018

Row Nbr Country Federation/Club First name Lastname Grade Category
11NED/NetherlandsJudo ZutphenDemiPUTMAN1k G18-57
22NED/Netherlands DemiPUTMAN1k W21-57
33NED/Netherlands Jip CHRISTENHUSZ1d B18-73
44NED/Netherlands Jip CHRISTENHUSZ1d M21-73
55NED/Netherlands Luc DE GREEF1d M21-90
66NED/Netherlands MinkWILLEMSEN1k B18-60
77NED/Netherlands MinkWILLEMSEN1k M21-60
88NED/Netherlands Moos VAN DIJK1k G18-63
99NED/Netherlands Moos VAN DIJK1k W21-63
1010NED/Netherlands NaomiHOGEMAN1k G18-63
1111NED/Netherlands NaomiHOGEMAN1k W21-63



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